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    Why Regular Garage Door Maintenance Is Important?

    Most people open and close their garage door hundreds of times every single month, which leads to the natural wear and tear associated with heavy use,

    If not maintained properly, your garage door could become unsafe, which god forbid could harm you or your family,

    Regular Garage Door Maintenance could prevent, problems later on that could be really costly to repair,

    Regularly maintaining your garage door will add years to its lifetime


    First Step in the Maintenance process is testing and inspections

    • Look and Listen
    • Check wiring and connections
    • Perform UL 325 Safety Reverse Test
    • Inspect for proper operation
    • Test the Garage Door Balance
    • Remove cover and inspect all internal gears and belts
    • Check photo-eye alignment
    • Inspect section condition
    • Inspect door alignment
    • Inspect rollers
    • Inspect hinges and hardware
    • Check transmitter and wall stations for proper operation and range
    • Inspect cables for wear or damage
    • Inspect locks for proper operation
    • Inspect weather strip for wear or damage
    • Keypad and transmitter batteries are checked
    • Inspect springs mounting pad for cracks and splits


    • Adjust up and down force sensitivity
    • Clear the Tracks
    • Tighten drive chain/belt as needed
    • Lubricate drive train and all sprockets
    • Set up and down limits as needed
    • Keypad and transmitter batteries replacement if needed.
    • Adjust photo-eye alignment
    • Adjust and lubricate springs
    • Adjust door alignment
    • Lubricate all rollers
    • Tighten hinges and hardware
    • Lubricate all bearings

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